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It's time for a new STACKER&BAGGER


A new machine for the primary packaging of diapers

A new machine is added to the solutions offered by TMC for the primary packaging of diapers: STACKER & BAGGER is a complete system for packaging diapers for children and adults in pre-formed bags.

The range of dimensions and speed (up to 800 dia / min and 65 bags / min) allows us to provide an innovative and complete response to the demands of diaper packaging.

The packaging process, characterized by constant control of the packaging process, guarantees an optimal quality result.

The wide range of options available allows you to make all product configurations. The modular concept and the care taken in the realization of the various groups has allowed us to obtain a constructive simplicity and an accessibility to the top of the range in the sector.

The format changeover times are thus reduced to a minimum.

TMC STACKER & BAGGER is configured as a high-end technological solution with an affordable price, a modular design and easy configuration that allows easy operator access and a significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

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