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Spare parts

AMS provides original TMC parts, overseeing the complete traceability of the supply chain, ensuring the reliability and continuity of systems operations.

Thanks to the expertise of our team, we can provide personalized spare part lists in order to be able to plan the routine periodical replacement of parts subject to wear, managing the entire life cycle of the spare parts. Balanced purchasing managOur ement and careful analysis of stock turnover enables us to provide immediate availability for most of our items and we can often make the shipment on the same day of the order.

The decision to diversify worldwide geo-location of our warehouses - present in Brazil, United States and Mexico - we can guarantee delivery within 24 hours of all spare parts available in stock in each area. We are also present in Asia and Africa with Area Managers and a dedicated network of agents in the area and can offer suitable solutions for local conditions, with personalized lists of spare parts. Thanks to our internal organization, we can ensure short and competitive delivery times even for non-standard or custom-designed components.

AMS provides its customers with high quality original spare parts and components with superior technical characteristics, such as carbon bars, sealing belts, specific heat treatments and closed-loop belts.